Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy New Year

Glad to see the end coming.  This is not my favourite time of the year. My psychiatrist who follows me on this blog says he sees a resentment in my writing.  I wonder why?  .......leave it to him to figure out.

I am really fascinated by the fact that still photography is thriving in today's electronic environment.   I was a professional video cameraman and an amateur still photographer and went to many classes and seminars,  yes there is a cross over but we seemed to think we were the ones on the cutting edge.  I now think we were wrong. Cameras on smart phone's both still and video are amazing.  Video offered on DSLR (such as the Cannon Rebel Series) would really make one wonder as a family with children if you needed much more than they offer.   And the quality of the images being produced is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Allow me to make one point and by no means is it original, people take good pictures not camera's.  Believe me I have been on the receiving end of this lesson far to many times.  It is like telling a chef after a great dinner, man those pots did a great job.

So Happy New Year.  And remember if you go to bed on the 31st an asshole you will probably wake up on the 1st as one.   Fact of life!

Is that a resentment?  ...............

Saturday, 7 December 2013


 For whatever reason I use to be much better at handling the cold, old age comes to mind.   Now I just stand and physically shiver, I honestly think I prefer the rain if just for the fact that means it is to warm to snow.  Looks like we will see some snow before this spell is over, Vancouver always goes nuts when it does.

I have a friend in Australia who has been rubbing in the warm weather from down under.

Have another who is down in the States,  just outside of Tucson I believe, thought about them both as I shivered away at the bus stop today.  Had to have a laugh as I looked down at the boots with the salt stains they are made in Australia.   Best boots I have ever owned.

  • Blundstone Footwear
  • Blundstone Footwear is an Australian footwear manufacturer, based in Hobart, Tasmania. The company's best‑knownproduct is its line of laceless, elastic-sided, ankle-length boots. Wikipedia
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