Thursday, 27 February 2014

If you want me I will be in the bar

Do not have to say anything else

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Time to stop bitching.  Bad judging, bad ice, bad conditions.  Get over it,  the North American media has used every excuse possible to slam these games,  watching the biathlon today and they are bitching about the facts that it is snowing PEOPLE  it is the fucking winter games.  It was snowing during the half pipe... Duh!  We got ripped by judges during the ice dance fuck you idiots had the same coach as the American's and it was a Russian...get over it.  Some pompous ass from the Canadian Olympic Commitee sits in front of a microphone and declares that we will own the podium, this guy loves to spew goo,  the uniform he is wearing is probably banned in Quebec.  

 I have got an idea let's move a couple of more General's around, one who couldn't keep his pecker in his pants so he can live in the UAE and one who wants to move down the block in Ottawa so the the kids aren't playing ball hockey outside his abode.  Let's spend 20 Fucking years trying to purchase Helicopter replacements.  Try Craigslist you assholes. 

I do not really care if some journalist sucking on the company's hind tit is unhappy with his room, quit and come back to mommy.

And the what happens if the USA wins the Gold Medal.  Some fat assed American owner will start a new line.  The fact and it is a fact that
the NHL being there sells the game in the States.  

It is just like sex you need to lower the heart rate to control the gun.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Run Alone

Valentines Day

And like a whole lot of people alone.  Makes you think.  Married twice in love once unfortunately none of the twain actualy met.  We have managed to make this day a huge event.  An incredible amount of pressure.  Like 
a lot of things in our world we have created something that may not actually exist.  A celebration of Love.  

Too early but to true to resist

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Old vs. New

A changing view in Canada's poorest postal code.

Then they give us this.

Crack Pipe Vending Machines
And the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford is PISSED!

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Ordinary enough looking gentleman.  His name is Emmet Fox.
Emmet Fox was a New Thought spiritual leader of the early 20th century, famous for his large Divine Science church services held in New York City during the Great Depression. Weekly services would see up to 5500  people at the New York  Hippodrome until 1938 and subsequently at Carnegie Hall.

Fox's secretary was the mother of one of the men who worked with Alcholic Anonymous co-founder Bill W., and partly as a  result of this connection early AA groups often went to see Fox.  His writing, especially "The Sermon On The Mount", became popular with AA's.

If you are at all interested in AA, AA history or are a member of AA or just an ordinary joe seeking some ideas to live by this book is still a very good read.  If you are at all familiar with the book Alcoholic Anonymous (The Big Book) and wonder where some of the ideas and concepts originated you have to look no further. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sony Awards

Check out @petapixel's Tweet:

Several bloggers, news people, magazine writers,  and people in general have been declaring the demise of the middle to low priced digital camera.  It is supposed to lose out to the smartphone.  Not so sure about that, I mean in my lifetime stills were to be replaced by video.   Hasn't happened.   Smartphone cameras are getting much better but even though you tend to always have them in your possession they do not offer the zoom capability and and general handheld feel of security.  The one author I read claimed that only three producers of low end cameras would prevail over time Canon,  Nikon,  and Sony.  Sony only cause they still make most of the image sensors for everyone.

But you know what this blog wasn't intended as a mindless rant but rather an invitation to take a look at some amazing photos.


That should get you there easier.

Remember a good picture is just a poem without words.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Were am I

Just read my last post.  Where am I?  Don't know.  Obviously something has pissed me off.  Do not think for a second it does not happen we all go nuts some days I can do it with the best of them.  

Nuts are we not all.  I actually do not feel good about what I wrote I truly do not know where that came from but it was truly said in anger.  Maybe it had to come out it obviously has so be it.

World is turning so is my stomach.  Going to go and have a $5.00 bowl of chili. 

Go Denver

Saturday, 1 February 2014

You talk to much

True.  And you don't say anything that means anything. Sick of people like you....get over yourself.  

You do it mindless.  I watched in a food court yesterday as a woman's jaw muscle was worked to a point of no return, yes she talked so long and did not eat her food that it was cold.  Then she sat there and I heard her complain that her dish was cold.

Fuck You!

Honestly Fuck You.  Were the hell do you get off I sit patiently as you wind up your verbal diahera and in the end you say nothing then you are so smart you sit there on your fat ass and admit that you just let a wet fart.

Feel good probably not but I have pissed you off enough that you may feel something.  You know what that's good. Cause you can sit and write your bullshit on any social media you want you can sit in a social environment and spew endless goo.  You have said nothing think about it.