Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Light a match

Time to start on some of the ideas I have.  Some photo projects which are quite interesting.
 Reading the news today Linden fires Tortorella well who didn't see that coming.  Rob Ford polluted again in front of a smartphone camera, there is a new angle. Stephen Harper stretching our military to the limit once again while not providing them with the equipment to back it up, dude how long does it take to replace the SeaKing your government is becoming an embarrassment, don't get me going on fighter jets.  And your ass kissing to the Ukrainian population in this country to win votes on one of the most corrupt governments in recent history.   Then to offer our military to observe the flailing,  fuck man you go and take your foreign minister with you to get a first hand hand glimpse don't send good well meaning people to do your job which is basically plunging a toilet
Your on your way dude to losing to a spoiled little brat kid.  It is quite obvious you have no idea what is actually happening. 


Monday, 28 April 2014


Been involved in a few.

Actually I have probably had more than my fair share. Most of them self inflicted, much like Lindsay's.

I like this quote from Steve Jobs
Don't be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other
people's thinking.
Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.“
 —Steve Jobs, “Commencement Address at Stanford University“ American
Rhetoric  (delivered June 12, 2005)

Rambling on this blog a bit but that is kinda where I am at. Been reading and looking at quite a few photoblogs lately here is one of the best ones I have seen from a gentleman in Victoria. Take a look it is pretty awesome.


His name is Tyler E Nixon and I love his work.  Photoblogs are kind of neat as they don't usually have a lot to say just let the photos do the talking.  I think sometimes I like Twitter so much because it limits the amount of verbal abuse you can lay on a person.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dear new Cameraman

So you start out with a camera in High School, taking what you think is going to be an easy elective in you curriculum. Things start to look up when the teacher pairs you with the school hotee on the first project of the year, after moving in to a school mid term in grade 10 from a small town in northern BC this is a major move up the social ladder. Things go well, yes she has a boyfriend, but she ensures your part of the group. You start to like to take photographs, the teacher is one of the best in the school and keeps everyone interested and challenged. Your last two years in High School are remembered fondly and your photographic ability increases, things are good and you decide to pursue a career, so you apply to college.

College goes well, while not the shining star of the class you are near the top , you have an uncanny knack of seeing and attaching yourself to people who are truly talented. You are hired immediately after your practicum and things look very good, these are the best time of your life.

Everything is new and fresh and you seem to have a knack with people so you move up the ladder quickly. The gold stars line up, women, material goods seem easy to find and gain.

Problem is the more you seem to achieve the more you are moving away from what you love, which is taking pictures. Finally it reaches a point were you are not taking pictures at all, your personal life is in a turmoil, one to many marriages one to many drinks. Friends are pushed away because you don't seem to trust or believe in anyone even yourself. An escape option is offered, you take it It ends there.

Not really. Life goes on, you wander trying to find yourself again, trying to find a direction. You begin to break out again and you think.....what did I learn from all of this.?

You learn how to breathe.  A couple of deep breaths and a moment, a pause.   Clarity, no a glimpse perhaps.  When you work in the news biz, you will never he famous remember that.  The mug in front maybe?  But no one will remember the
one behind the lens except for peers.   A few still photographers names are in the public domain but it is rare.  So remember a few things, your mind (eye) is like a parachute it works better when it is open.  Look at everything, take ideas and work them to your advantage, yes even if they are someone's else.  I was fortunate enough when I started out to work with a person who was truly gifted with the eye.  I followed him, copied, mimicked whatever.  I had at least the common sense to realize greatness when I was near it.  Problem was he was crazy, just like me except he paid a much higher price. 

Remember the photo of the little naked girl running down the road in Vietnam after being burnt with napalm?  Remember the photographer?

Keep your head on

Friday, 25 April 2014


I am glad spring is here, as I get older I find the cold seems to effect me more. Got a new bike, well new to me and I am hoping to do a lot more riding this year, hopefully that will be the case and this doesn't become like a New Years Resolution, long forgotten a week after making it.


Looking forward also to a some nice weather, I would complain about our weather over the winter but after what the rest of the country has endured I think I had better not. I have been taking a few pictures and kicking around a couple of idea's for photo projects. One involves sunsets and broken mirrors, but I don't want to give to much away.

I hope breaking mirrors will not bring me to much bad luck. Anyways I need to stay busy or my mind takes me places I don't really do not need to go.   Get out and enjoy spring.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

What's new?

Not much more to say.

Cell Phone Walking

So as you look around at all of these people that life is so important that they can't stop or ignore a message you have to wonder where we are going. Nobody wants yet another law, it is getting ridiculous enough, but they walk right into your face and force you to alter your path. My path is usually the path of least resistance but come on we might as well be dancing on the street. With our present Mayor I am somewhat surprised he hasn't spent taxpayer dollars on cellphone lanes. It would not surprise me, he rides a bike, he uses a phone he is a wanker.  Sounding like an old man, sure but come on folks this has to annoy you a bit and it is everywhere, they even do it in West Vancouver.  

To change the subject a bit, interesting to see that San Fransisco has banned individual disposable water bottle sales,  I agree if you think about huge environmental problem, supported by the huge politically correct.  They have done numerous tests you are paying money for water that comes out of a well in Hope at huge markup, put into a plastic bottle, sold to you at a ridiculous markup as you stand protesting against the latest pipeline project, feeling like you are really making a difference.  The water coming out of your tap is fine, if your really that worried by a Britta and get off your high horse.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ranting Weeks News

So another wild week in world news.
That Ukrainian situation is wild and a whole lot more complicated than Russia Is Evil, West Is Good which is being played up in the media. There is a huge amount of corruption and a lot of fingers in the pie and I am not sure just throwing more money at it or Russia annexing most of it is going to cure the problem. So much for all of Sochi's good will.

The capsized ferry in Korea, how the hell does that happen? Again a captain being the one of the first ones off. Guess that is just old fashion saving ones own ass, pretty disgusting.

Lee Joon-seok

Arrested today.

The plane is still mystifying everyone.

Really glad they have appeared to have found someone in the Amanda Todd case. That must have been incredibly difficult so a big shout out to the RCMP.

I watch and read a whole lot of news, sometimes to much.  It does at times get very depressing we seem to lurch from one crisis to another as humans not always on the world scene but also in our own little world.  I have a friend who says he likes to keep his world small, he says it helps him cope with his life.  He is one of the nicest men I have ever met.  Perhaps I should try and keep my world a little smaller.

End of rant, over and out.

Monday, 14 April 2014


-Panic attack

If you have never had one I am happy for you. Had one of the worse ones I have ever had last Thursday on a Skytrain Platform at 7 in the morning, thought I was having a heart attack or at the very least my heart was going to come out of my chest.  I could not get on the train, had to walk off the platform and stand on a street corner trying to catch my breath. I will intercept your question and say yes I am seeing a doctor, on medication but sometimes it simply doesn't work think about it, they give you a tiny little pill way smaller than you can actually handle physically, it is actually hard to get out of the pill jar, and that is suppose to keep you well. It has a funny name, really who thinks of these names for these drugs? It is dispensed by a pen stroke, granted on a special piece of printed paper with fancy letters after the name of the physician who is writing it but does it make you well? Can you talk to it and will it tell you what to do in a moment of absolute fear? No.  I am not trying to hang out doctor's here, they are incredible people.I apparently have a chemical imbalance in my brain I can get that, tried to correct that with alcohol for years and I am sure that did not help. What am I trying to say here? I thought I had myself undercontrol, it took seconds to spin me out and I am still trying to get back to some degree of normalcy very scary not even sure what I was freaking out about.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

She is back

So she is back.  The NDP housing critic with a press conference at the same time as the Canuck's.  To bad as housing critic she could not find the door but bills to pay trips to take.  Adrian Dix you are an embarrassment.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Good reason to sign off. 


Good Reid

I'm reading "Bill Reid" by Maria Tippett from British Columbia Libraries. Find this & more at http://search.overdrive.com/SearchResults.aspx?title=Bill+Reid.

Fascinating. Like a lot of things I had many misconceptions.

Bill Reid   The making of an Indian.

And instead of spending a lot of money to buy the book take the opportunity to use the wonderful service provided by our Public Libraries for free.

My apologizes to my publishing friends.

Ya right!