Tuesday, 27 May 2014

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

 I am not winning the battle this week, I sat in a meeting earlier this week wearing shorts looking down at my lily white legs listening to some Canadian Snowbirds complaining how hot it was down south with their very nicely tanned legs and how it was possibly uncomfortable swimming in the pool. Hard not to have a resentment. Yet that is one place I am not suppose to go.

I am usually quite tolerant but as I sat and listened to someone say the same thing, for about the fucking 100   time and over and over again. I don't know, yet another place I am not suppose to go.

So what am I suppose to do? I bought a lunch yesterday at the community center that I go to bought it blindly. Quiche...fuck real men thirty years ago did not eat Quiche so I then had to go down to the quay and by some roast beef to clean the palate.

Shit week

Saturday, 10 May 2014

What's Phuggles (non photographic folk, for those of you that need clarification).

So you take a photo and someone asks you what kind of camera you were using, fair enough I suppose but I wonder what kind of reaction they would get if they asked Gordon Ramsey what kind of frying pan he used to cook that steak.

When I was in college they made us go into the dark room and with a cardboard box and some tape and a piece of aluminium foil we had to make a camera.  A pinhole camera, you had to hold your finger over the pinhole leaving the darkroom we spread out and while I achieved the goal of taking a photo my composition sucked, in other words I did not take a good picture and there was some really good pictures taken.

You would think I would have learnt a lesson and think before I press the shutter button but I did not, many years later I was sent on a shoot about the fact that the Parks board had come to a decision not to cut the grass on sports fields as often as they were doing.  Rolling my eyeballs after being assigned this shoot I went out and did the bare minimum pushed the buttons and came back with a piece of crap.  Later watching the opposition, got blown out out of the water as the cameraman went the extra mile, went to the mayor's house with a ruler and measured his lawn.  I am embarrassed to this day that I could not have done a better job.
People take pictures.  Great or bad.  Chiefs cook great .  No matter what kind of frying pan they use.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sporting Weekend

Watching the second round of the Stanley Cup finals it hard to believe that the Canucks could even compete with any of these teams, especially the ones from California. Not trying to sound like a downer but it is hard not to wonder, if Linden and the Canucks can even make the playoffs next year. It is a pretty major target, I sincerely hope they do. Hard to believe things have got to this stage but they have.

I was cheering for the Raptors, great season for a team that wasn't suppose to be in the running. It was fun to watch Jurassic Park and see fans enjoying themselves, it is unfortunate we could not have something like that happening in Vancouver for fear of a riot breaking out.

I enjoy soccer and it is fun to watch the Whitecaps as they try and develop into a competitive club. Going to miss Kenny Miller, think Nigel Reo-Cocker will be the next to go.

Have a great week.