Sunday, 24 August 2014

Something Wrong

There is something wrong here.  Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has promised to up military spending by 3 billion dollars, reequipping the armed forces .  He made the announcement while watching a military parade that probably had more hardware in it than the entire Canadian Forces have.  This while in the east of the country they are in the middle of a civil war, and his own military is complaining about not having enough equipment.

People this whole situation sucks.  Now I am not a fan of "Mad Vlad" but this guy is also crazy.  There economy is in a total shambles, they are in a total mess because of rampant corruption, got there hand out to everybody in the world and he is going to spend 3 billion on his military.   Oh and excuse me.  While his own people on both sides of the political spectrum are dying he decides to throw a parade, not just any parade, but a Military Parade.

Our own Prime Minister should be having a real hard look at what is going on here as we keeping notching up the aid, a person more cynical then myself might suggest this is due to the the large ethnic Ukrainian vote but far be it from me.

And with respect to the Russian"aid" trucks crossing the border on their own provision,  how long would the Americans sat there waiting in that situation, against International Law, ask the poor Grenadian about the US and International Law.

The West needs to grow up, the whole world will never have the kind of democracy that we have and we should stop trying to force it upon them, yes freedom, justice and equality should be available to all people but it takes a lot of time, South Korea is a good example of this.  You just have to look at Iraq  and the rest of the Middle East to see what a mess can come about with the heavy hand of the west.

Things are going to hell in a hand basket.....Let's though a parade.

Orcas in Active Pass, 8:45 am Aug 22 2014

Wonderful footage of Orca's going through Active Pass, I would think on the way to the Fraser to feast on the Sockeye which are there now in huge numbers.  Luckily the one big one after taking a good look from very near realizes that the woman taking pictures from the rocks below is not a seal and carries on.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Visiting a sick friend.

Went to see an old friend that has been diagnosed with cancer today,  apparently she had been in better shape yesterday but may have over exerted herself.  Got the usual welcome although, somewhat restrained. I was hoping to take her out for a walk and enjoy some of our beautiful weather but she wasn't up to it.  Couldn't help but feel a little sad.  Cancer Sucks where and whenever it strikes.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Eagle City

Take some time to look at this.  I had trouble embedding the URL so just copy and paste it in.   Really stunning pictures and speak for themselves so I'll shut up.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Rob Thomas - Bent (Live @ Red Rocks)

I belong to the same organization as  Robin Williams did.  It appears fairly early in the phone book. This song always said more than I could .

Saturday, 9 August 2014


This is Princess Patricia

This is Mons in Belgium

This is a statue in the Netherlands

This is in Kapyong Korea

This is in Afghanistan

This is the 100th anniversary of Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Regiment


First World War 61,000 Canadians
Second World War 45,400 Canadians
Korea 516 Canadians
Afghanistan 158 Canadians

That is the military count there is many more and I have left out Bosnia and peace keeping.  Think people.


Went sailing yesterday with my friend Captain Bill, he has a very nice first mate named Gilbert who wears a life jacket when on the boat which I never really thought about for dogs, I am not sure if Gilbert likes it but it does make a lot of sense.  My daughter has a beautiful Lab who are water dogs, I think Gilbert is a Cockapoo but no matter what if the dog gets off the boat a couple of kilometres out, they can not swim that far and recovering an  animal  in that kind of situation is at best difficult.

Bill is very proactive with respect to safety and he has had a lot of experience.  It is something we need to remind ourselves about even in our recreational activities.

Anyways enough of the preaching bullshit.  Met some nice people, ......awe fuck the bullshit gave out a couple of phone numbers.  :}  Ring....................................................................?  Hello.  The party to whom you are speaking is not really here.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

House Sitting

Given an opportunity to spend some time with some people and animals that have grown up with me and me with them that I love the last week or so.   House sitting.  Not always as easy as it sounds especially when you have been alone for a while and the house in question has more floral fauna then a florist shop and we are experiencing a hot spell.  Two young ladies one my daughter and the other one my god daughter and Chelsea's sister who is just turning nineteen, a birthday party, add to the mix including two borders, one from Switzerland and one from Japan and a 22 year old cat and things can become interesting in a hurry.

But getting through in spite of being up till 4 with a bunch of 19 year olds, there was a time.....long gone, I guess....shit  My God daughters 19th

Anyways the Fire Department say the building structure can probably be saved the police have gone without laying any charges I guess everything is good.

Funny how things change.

Gob Bless