Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Not In My Backyard

You really do have to read this article to get the jest of what I am talking about.

Hard not to shake your head but yes this is real and happening in my old neighbourhood.  I went to high school not more than a few blocks from this location.  Graduated and then went to the University (College then) just down the road.  In addition I have been through 3 rehab programs, 2 live in and one daily drop in.  New Westminster, one month. 8 people, men only.  Vancouver two months 32 people, male and female.  West Vancouver 6 weeks, male and female.  I have been homeless.

“A homeless person is not a resident of North Vancouver,” she said. “Homeless people can’t be residents of anywhere.”

Sorry lady but I am your neighbour.

Got this via an email from one of the programs I attended.

Turning Point faces a public meeting this Thursday with local neighbours against the proposed new recovery centre for nine men.

If you can be there to offer quiet, steady support to our good colleagues they would be most appreciative.

The public meeting will be held this Thursday, February 19th at Parkgate Community Centre (3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver) at 6:30.